12 Education Tech for Effective Classroom Digital Collaboration

It is important to learn to work in groups in a classroom. Thanks to education technology, digital collaboration in classrooms has been made easier.

In today’s digital world technology is being used to assist and making things much easier and effective in every walk of life. Technologies have also changed and revise educational methods being used to educate student. When it comes to educational technology there are many options to work on and begin with. One important area to think off is the classroom collaboration. Classroom collaboration is very important as it leads to better knowledge building and development of skills required for teamwork.

There are many tools to get help from. Some of them are as follows: 


Diigo stands for Digest of Internet Information, Groups and Other stuff. It is a great tool as it helps student in getting hold of relevant research topic and articles. It acts a s a digital library where students can bookmark and extract required information at any given time and at any given place with the help os their smartphones, laptops or tablets.


Edio has been designed for project based learning. If you want encourage your students in a group fieldwork or for blended learning that Edio is the way to go. It acts as a command center for teachers as it helps them in planning, assessing, executing and reporting projects for helping students. With the help of Edio students can check their assignments, homework, submit their work and check their module progress.


SurveyMonkey can be used to ask various types of questions and quick assessment of students. It can help in determining what students are thinking, how they are preparing for their tests and in what areas where they might be needing help. It can also be used for voting on a particular issue and planning of trips.


It is one of those tools that have been designed to provide ease of access to students. By entering a simple code provided by their teacher students can enter it to view the activities available. It is a quick way to assess students, learning about them and the way they think through questions, discussion, quizzes and polls.


This is another tool that can be easily used both in and out of school. It helps student in asking question and contributing to a discussion even after the school hours are over.Apart from being very easy to setup there are many other uses of this tool.


This tool enables students for video response and video discussions that are compiled for viewing. Teachers can view and provide feedback after viewing them. For students it is very convenient as they can respond from anywhere and feel comfortable in sharing their thoughts and ideas.


This tool helps students in connecting with others like them all over the world. It helps children in being creative and encourages communication and collaboration between them. It acts a virtual wall where student can post their question, post their answers or add resources for collaborative class project.


This tool helps in collaboration of a particular topic after which a discussion page is setup where children can pool in information on that particular topic. It is not only very simple to use but very effective as well.


Blogging can be used to complete various tasks and creative writing assignments by the students. With this tool teachers can help students gain confidence in writing and speaking by pooling in their support.


Visme is another quiet easy to use drag and drop tool. It can be used in preparing of reports, charts, info graphics and presentation. It provides a collection of useful images and charts making it easier for users to create what they want.


This tool can be used for creating presentation, info graphics and much more. With the help of this tool students can create advertisement, movies and menus.


This tool is more of a web based solution that offers many options like fonts, animation and character that can be used for creating attractive presentations.

It is very important for teachers to hear from students. Asking questions or talking to students directly might make them nervous and they might think of them being under the spot light. This can create problems as it can become difficult to make students share their thoughts, feelings or ideas on a particular subject. This is where digital media comes in as it close this gap and encourage students to communicate with others and collaborate effectively. With various options at their disposal collaboration can become fun.

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